Our paradise for Labradoodles Du’Jarcasîle exists since 1985. The most beautiful Labradors are proudly bred here, and it’s also the home of several champions. The breeding program is based on a very strict selection of character and beauty.

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What is a Labradoodle?

The Labradoodle breed originated in the seventies, in Australia. A blind woman who was allergic to dogs, needed a good dog led blind without her allergie getting worser.

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Because these dogs have hair, as close to each other, that there is almost no place for skin flakes, and because they do not moult, they are hardly known as allergy-friendly and non-asthma-exciting.

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Ladradoodle photos

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Our assets

Du’Jarcasîle exists since 1985, Marc Stas is actively occupied since years with the improvement of the race in Belgium and shows you with proud his homebred puppies.
We give all our dogs the best care and give them the healthiest diet possible. Our Labradoodles get lots of movement and daily entertainment on our beautiful green lawns.
Of every dog or puppy is a family tree and are well followed. You can check back later still come to visit at the parents and family of the dog, by appointment of course.


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