Enkele adviezen voor de nieuwe families van een jonge hond

Normally, when you take along your pup in his new house, it must have received a first vaccine in the stockbreeder (against the parvovirose and the square). But recall that these vaccines are effective only if they are supplemented by a recall. It must be also vaccinated against the leptospirosis and the rage. Then while waiting, especially avoid leading your pup in the places or the mediums of contamination are rather high (public garden…). It is preferable to leave your pup in your garden or at people whom you know (or there are no sick dogs).

Make vaccinate your pup only if it is in good health and do not forget the deworming.

As, it should be known as the pup resists the infections less better (during 7 to 10 days) after a vaccination or a recall because its immunizing defences are reduced.

During 7 to 10 days after a vaccination or a recall, it is thus necessary to pay attention:

– Scrupulously Follow the indications of the veterinary surgeon who will be able you give useful councils.

– Do not subject your pup to the stress (abrupt changes of food, climate, and medium).

– If you must give a bath to your pup, wait until 15 days at 3 weeks ran out after vaccinations. Moreover it is necessary to dry the pup perfectly, because remaining moisture can harm its health. Avoid giving, too often, a bath with shampoo in your Labradoodle (pup or adult) because the shampoo eliminates the natural protective substances from its dress.


Vaccination, recalls annual and of good general rules of hygiene