De opvoeding van uw hond

Begins the first day!

It is a slow business, but success lies in your patience and consistency.

No, is no… always! , and a defended seat is always defended, even if the pup is deadened, if he’s adorable and you must rise to putt him on the floor. When you call him, insist that he comes. Prevent calling him if you cannot make him obey you (e.g.: when he jumps in water,…) and do not call him more than 2 times; seek him, thunder when you arrive with him, at the place from where you first called him.

For cleanliness at the house, do not put his nose in his needs to punish him (the pup would not understand why).

When he does his needs in the house, put him outside (it is necessary that he understands that his needs are done outside). Never hit him! This will cause a stress- situation.

You are the chief of the pack (at least, I hope that it is not him!) and shake him by the skin of the neck while thundering (as a chief of the pack with a dog which leaves the row).

Gradually, there will learn how to be clean, to remain sited, to go to the foot without leaves, not to jump on visitors etc….

Some efforts for six months and you will have a perfect dog which will make the admiration of all and which will be happier itself, because will always take it to you with you. The unbearable dog remains at the house and more it spends time alone, more it becomes unbearable when it leaves.

The base of any cohabitation between the man and the dog is an exact comprehension of the role of each one: the man directs with kindness and firmness and the dog obeys by conditioned reflex and respect. Each one respects the role of the other, it does not have there superiority nor of inferiority: there are the Master and his dog, with complicity full with affection, each one happy in its role.

Unfortunately, the roles are often confused and this is the error of the Master.

And yet, it is not so difficult to be able to be made obey, without fear on behalf of the dog, nor brutality on behalf of the Master.